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  1. 8 hours ago, Zoon Muidac said:

    16- What is your favorite PVP ship? How would you fit it (in detail please)?

     malediction, point scram rockets and small ancil

    Please explain the rationale behind not fitting a propmod on your malediction, and leaving 3 of the low slots empty.

  2. So has your personal life changed now to allow you time to commit to PvP, or are you proposing to maintain the same level of activity if you join?

    34 minutes ago, Radu Gheorghes said:

    I can fly capital ships, and i don't need an alt for it. I didn't train them to go and do solo drops.

    How do you propose to move your capital ships? Are you going to be one of those people who always has to ask someone else to light a cyno for them to jump to?

    On 4/3/2020 at 11:06 PM, Radu Gheorghes said:

    I was looking for corporations in big alliances close to north. I know NC is a big alliance with a good reputation and the text in corp info did it for me.

    Why are you specifically looking to play in the North? What exactly about the text in the corp info appealed to you?

  3. On 4/21/2019 at 9:47 AM, Benji Rackner said:

    Just to address some final points, I apologize I thought i had included this in my second post. I did participate in Test fleets but as I traditionally do I flew logi on all these fleets like I did for most of my NC. fleets, as a logi I do NOT fit a whore gun its a waste of time and people will just die whilst your to busy being a logi whore (so sorry no kms).  Also for those that might be unaware TEST use shield supers  so my armor super and titans got no use due to the very limited content in Eso (still looking for buyers).


    Now furthermore as to why I did not leave test immediately you can think what you like, but like I said I followed Con, ensured the transition in corp leadership and then got purged by TEST leadership who put pressure on the new CEO who followed through and did not  discuses reasoning or  what I could change. 


    Think that's the last of important stuff addressed.

    Thank you for addressing the concerns raised - that hits all of mine at least.

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  4. On 4/18/2019 at 9:19 AM, Karn Bheskagor said:

    Since you say you're going to prioritise NC fleets, why did you show no signs of doing so in TEST with their fleets?  Why is it going to be different here?

    FWIW everything else I have to say Bob summarised perfectly above.

    So since the thread is still open, I'm still waiting for an answer to this from Benji.

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  5. 22 hours ago, boredatwork said:

    Out of that lovely long list of 52 chars, how many are actually going to be put in NC?

    Synda joined TEST 18th Dec, and since then you have a single fleet fight in nullsec, and a solo loss under your belt on Benji, out of 30 odd pages of high sec ganks, losses and and alt kills. 

    Since you say you're going to prioritise NC fleets, why did you show no signs of doing so in TEST with their fleets?  Why is it going to be different here?

    FWIW everything else I have to say Bob summarised perfectly above.

  6. 10 minutes ago, Lov d'Hirondelle said:

    In the super topic I would be surprised if that is anywhere near true. Benji had plenty of time to extract, he actually could just by some new ones if he needed out of pocket, and he could straight have sold it to someone in NC. Let's try and keep the circle jerk low and focus on reasonable concerns please 😌 🙏 

    The concern being voiced was by an NC CEO based on information from an extremely credible source. How about you get back in your box and stop making assumptions about what is or is not a reasonable concern and let either Benji or Romulus respond, who are really the only people who are able to clear this up.

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  7. I was personally delighted when you left alliance with Synda. You were one of the most toxic people in alliance at the time in terms of the amount of drama you generated, and I do not believe you have magically changed in just 5 months. Sadly I have no say in whether or not you get back in to TAYLR, but as far as I'm concerned you can get fucked.

    Edit: I've spoken directly to Romulus and he feels that you *have* changed and won't cause drama if you get back in. I hope he is right, and you prove me wrong.

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  8. Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed response! it's over to the TAYLR recruiters now - I think you're going to find large null fleets a little like you're hoping they won't be, and I have already-stated concerns about your lack of ability to fly doctrines. But it ain't my corp :)

  9. So broadly I agree with Jarack here, but I have a couple of questions for you.

    *  You can't fly our doctrine ships or a fax yet, and are going to invest a significant sum of RL money to inject those skills / toons

    * You have next to no activity since August of last year

    * You have a self-admitted casual attitude to the game and have (other than 5 days in horde) mostly only done small-gang and stuff.

    So, questions:

    * Are you sure this is really the place you want to be?

    * Other than the fact you know some people here, given your small-gang background *why* do you want to join a large Null alliance that predominantly conducts large scale fleet ops?

    * Why should we overlook the fact that you meet very few of our requirements at this time? What do you bring to the table that's worth giving you a shot? I get that you can wallet tank getting these requirements, but you have no capital experience and no experience with Logi or any more specialist fleet roles such as recons, hics etc. Are you just going to be an F1 pusher? Are you going to be a wallet-warrior who goes inactive in a couple of months?

    It's not going to be my decision whether or not you get into TAYLR, but I'd encourage you to think seriously about whether this is where you really want to be, especially given the amount of ISK you're going to be plowing in to getting up to spec. Before you make that investment, I'd suggest you really look at what life here is going to be like and whether it's for you.