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  1. --question answered in private--

    What did TEST not provide that you believe NC will?  How many fleets would you say you went on in TEST as none of us can find a kill, perhaps logi?  If none, what was the reason for being so active in CODE and not TEST?

    You said you join for the community, since you are being removed did no one come to your defense?  I know for a fact if I were to remove any SIN members id have to ensure all my ducks were in a row.

  2. 21 hours ago, Benji Rackner said:
    I am returning to NC. to join TAYLR after an interesting experience in the south. I stayed with SYNDA and tried out TEST, and I realized that it wasn’t what I was told it would be.

    Could you provide us a couple killmails you received with TEST? I looked through your mains KB and didn't see any except ganks.   Also, what did you not like about test that you think NC does better?  Are you actually being removed for never being active with the alliance.  Did you ever receive a PAP from them?

    21 hours ago, Benji Rackner said:
    I will admit that a couple of neutral (neutral on NC overview) freighters that turned out to be owned by Blue pilots have died under my guns but there was no possible way for me to know that they were blue as they were neutral to NC and NC standings. When I gank I have an NC alt with me at all times to avoid ganking Blues. All my alts were on NC services as was requested of me at the time last year.
    I am 100% committed to NOT killing blue freighters and I promise to srp ALL blue kills (are blue on NC overview) if I ever kill one. I'm also 100% committed to helping fellow alliance mates avoid ganks when I can and when I am around. Please do note that I am NOT CODE. I have an alt corp in CODE (ATHV.) but I do not control CODE nor lead it.

    Ok, so you're fully aware you've killed blue freighters but because of mechanics and other alliances would target such.  However, that is besides the point, what I want to point out is that you're wanting to put out there that yes you're in CODE, yes you will try to help us BUT CODE is gonna do CODE anyways, so essentially that is useless to us.


    21 hours ago, Benji Rackner said:

    I am aware that this previously had caused much tension in the past due to the fact that logistics is so important in Eve however after long discussions with Romulus I believe that I can still have the best of both worlds participating in null sec and still picking on non-blue freighters in high sec.

    Your fully aware that you were a cunt last time, in face you still didn't pay Dalic for his loss or give back his titan guns and Romulus covered for you.  Here he is covering for you yet again.  Again, you want to point out that you've never killed a blue on the overview but fully aware of how NC operates.  How about, would it be possible, for you to only gank near Amarr vs Jita?


    I'd like a response to these questions.

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