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  1. On 4/4/2020 at 12:06 AM, Radu Gheorghes said:

    On 4/4/2020 at 12:04 AM, Radu Gheorghes said:
    2: How many times do you play each week on average and what is your most active time zone.
    I say somewhere about 10-20 hours

    4: Please list ALL of your alts including killboard links for these characters with an explanation of the role of each alt. (Incursion atl, HS Hauler alt, etc.)
    I don't have any alts.

    5: What capital ships can you fly and can you use T1 triage or siege and have JDC 5. If not please advise how long before this is possible. 
    I can fly dreads and carriers full t2 with JDC 5. I can't fly fax.

    10: Can you fly at least three of the following sub-capital ships with T2 tank modules: Ferox, Eagle, Ishtar, Muninn, T2-Logistics, Command Ships(links)
    All but logi and command ships

    11: What support roles can you do in a PvP fleet (interdictor, command destroyer, etc.)
    I can fly all recon ships with t2, planning to train interdictor and command destroyer skills (already have all destroyers 5)

    You say you play Eve but cant show ANY PVP activity since 2018.
    You say you can fly capital ships, no fax tho but dont have any extra alt that can do a recon (cyno).
    You say you can fly a recon (cyno) but dont have any extra alt that can do a capital ship.


  2. O36A- timer
    FC: Nitus


    ^^ i know it was not the called doctrin
    i was the only other fc and my main / monitor pilot was needed in a Wyvern. So i tried to do a possible secondary anchor in a loki which i turned to "max tank"