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  1. Know Ascenity from our days back in KOS. Another dude I enjoyed talking to on comms, mining with and in general flying with.  Saved his rorq a few times, and he was all ways fit right and had his shit together during the assault. Will vouch for him, having him in corp would be a good step in moving towards our corp goals.

  2. All applicants SSO tokens have been taken and reviewed.

    Voice interviews have also been done.

    Another pilot I've flown with while in KOS and can personally vouch for as a decent dude and pilot.  KOS had a lot of intermingling and remember him from the various chats we had while saving rorqs, and hunting horde.

  3. Karn Bheskagor, that is correct.  Post should of mentioned TFR leadership as the vouch. But I can also vouch for him, as a good addition to the corp and alliance. Have been flying with Apollo for 3 years and he has all ways been a active member on fleets and within the group as a whole. Would be great to have him in corp, was a fun dude to have around.