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  1. You get a ping that says "fleet up on FC <Name> comms 1". How do you find out what ship to fly?


    In order to join PACK, you must kick one member currently in PACK. Who do you choose and why? 


    These questions are shamelessly stolen from Sinners app, because there are no softball personality questions in PACKs default app questions. 

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  2. It would be different if he was shooting test or frt or fire coalition. SLYCE is a direct member of Panfam. He was activly flying with Snuffed Out (known goon collaborators), and Darkside. ( the group actively fighting horde over Geminate) Why is it so hard for you to see the red flags my dude? It shouldn't have to be spelled out like this for you. 

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  3. 8 hours ago, joren1993 said:

    10- Explain your employment history. (what did you do that was notable in those corps!! wars? fights? explain)

    I started my nullsec time as a noob getting my ass kicked back when smashkill owned Geminate and was getting kicked out. I spent some time in high sec for a bit before getting recruited into Ushra'khan just intime for us and AAA to take back Providence from CVA. From there PL invaded Providence and someone pulled the plug on Ushra'khan. Ended up in Systematic-Chaos just for them to failcascade as well. Wound up in NC with UDEAD and things fell into place. I spent nearly 5 years in NCDOT and was around for us to have that massive rental empire pre-jump fatigue. I was also around post-jump fatigue as well with all the fights in-between both eras. Ive been around for multiple wars / multiple grinding of regions.

    Can't say anything was really notable but one thing that I remember is when TEST was still goonpet and owned fountain. I remember we invaded and on the first fight with us in Lokis we killed over 1k in one battle. Probably some of the most fun I ever had was that one fight.

    Totally skips over the fact that he's been in IM for the last 510 days except for  the last month... 

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