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    Main character name?

    • Agrikaan
    • 54
    • EUTZ but often rotating.
    • Currently USTZ and AUTZ.
    • Next week not.
      Average play time per day?
    • 2-15
    • For the first 10 years of EVE, I averaged 2 hours per day.
      How long have you played eve? (excluding breaks)
    • 15 years, since launch.
      Do you have a mic and do you have an issue being on comms?
    • Yes, no.
      Do you have Discord and Mumble? Used them before?
    • Yes, yes, yes.
      Are you timid of talk with regards to politics, religion etc…Explain.
    • Yes, yes and yes. DEATH TO THE CAPITALIST PIGS!
      Tell us a bit about yourself (irl)
    • Middle-aged, Swedish, overweight, heterosexual member of the patriarchy.
    • Who play games instead of having a life.

    How many accounts do you own?

    • 5
      Describe your characters and what they do
    • 2 main for NullSec, 1-2 for LowSec and FW, 1-2 for HighSec and industry.
    • Every account have a FW pilot and a neutral Freighter pilot plus a cyno/scout.
      Have you ever traded or bought an account/character?
    • Yes. Sold two of my earlier accounts around 2006.
      Can you dual-box? Triple-box?
    • I can quinqo-box.

    How did you hear of us?

    • Former member.
      What do you know about us?
    • Nothing important or sensitive.
      Why do you want to join us?
    • Access to NullSec, member of a large bloc, old friends.
      What do you expect from our corp?
    • Company and coop.
      What can we expect from you?
    • Whatever you need.
      Vouch from someone we know?
    • Zenra, main recruiter.

    Describe your in-game self in one word

    • Zealot.
      Give us a short run through of your eve career from start date till now.
    • Started mining, joined a Swedish corp, flew with Fountain Alliance.
    • Then moved to Amarr to fight vs Minmatar, CVA and FW.
      What do you like to do in Eve and why?
    • I like all aspects of EVE, in moderation.
      How do you make money in Eve?
    • Mining, plexing, missioning, ratting, manufacturing. Anyway I can except piracy.
      What is your goal(s) in Eve?
    • To play until I die or the server goes down permanently.
    • And have fun, usually with a good team.
    • I’ve always preferred coop over solo.
      Any major breaks from the game and why?
    • Several, usually a month or three. To play other games mostly, to get a break and prevent burn-out.
      Why did you leave your previous corps?
    • Usually to focus on something more fun or a new focus.
    • I left TFR last time to get my skilled character into Amarr FW and using caps in LowSec.
    • This is now solved as I’ve trained up alts on those accounts to cover such needs.
      Link and talk about your favorite loss, and killmail.
    • Meeh. I have no favorite. Not why I play.
    • For pure PvP kicks, I usually play Battlefield games.
      Have you ever been logi anchor? or scouted for a fleet?
    • Yes, yes.
      Have you ever FC’d? Give us details of your experiences.
    • Yes. In FW and NullSec, but long ago, and usually smaller fleets.
      Have you ever held a leadership position in a corp/alliance/Coalition?
    • Yes, yes, no.
      What sets you apart from the average pilot?
    • Loyal perhaps, even to past groups.
    • I play honorably and follow/like rules.
    • A teamplayer to the core, if given the chance and I want the responsibility.
      Anything else we should know about? wink wink
    • I don’t drink alcohol anymore. Got tired of it.
    • I’d rather play EVE than being hung over.
    • Dogs eat cats.

    What capitals can you fly?

    • I can fly all ships except the Monitor, Triglavians and all Titans.
    • But just bought the skills for the Triglavian ships, weapons and Titans.
      What supercarriers or titans can you fly?
    • All supers, Amarr best.
    • Titans will be trained when I think I might use them.
      How experienced are you with them?
    • Not that much in the NullSec of today.
      How many capitals/supers can you field at the same time?