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  1. Yo, do you know anyone within NC./Red Guard that could vouch for you? And what attracted you to RED over the other corporations?


    Also please answer these simple questions:

    What colour is a mirror?

    If a person is born deaf, what language to the imagine?

    Do you have any altered memories? If no, then how do you know?

    If you only have one eye is it blinking or winking?

    And finally, if Bob and Nitus went on a fishing trip and came back friends how screwed is everyone?


  2. 1 hour ago, Tivianne Chase said:

    9. So tell us how did ya get started in eve? What have you done? Have you a cool story bro? What glorious fights/kills you been involved in?          Wardecs and corp thefts my whole career


    So I'm assuming this is your next target to do tha steals?

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