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  1. Background and Fit Questions:
    1- Please list your Main Character and its SPs: (use https://eveskillboard.com pls)
    2- Please list ALL of your alts, their respective SPs/skill overview, and the killboard links for these characters with an explanation of the role of each alt. Use https://eveskillboard.com
    - Password for all is: Taylor
    3- Why do you want to join TAYLR?
    - I want to join TAYLR because it's a bigger Corp then my current one and TAYLR is a realy activ Corp.
      So I wanna be a part of this family.
    4- Which corp/alliance are you currently in? Why do you want to leave? Why do you think NC or TAYLR will be any different?
    - Currently I am in the Corp: Das zweite Konglomerat [KOMER], Alliance is NC. TAYLR is in multiple TZs active and have  more members. So I beleve more stuff happen outside of Allianz Ops here.
    5- Have you ever held a leadership position in a corp? (Explain in detail, position, job, when and why)
    - No never
    6- Who are your referrals within TAYLR or Alliance?
    - delakut (KOMER CEO)
    7- What time zone(s) do you play and how many days/hours a week do you / can you spend in EVE?
    - Primary is EU TZ, sometimes also late AU TZ and early US TZ
      spend about 40h a week
    8- What are your personal goals or interests in EVE?
    -Ultimate goal for me in EvE is a own Titan and the use of it in a epic PVP battle.
    My interests are all types of PvP
    9- How long have you played EVE? Any Long breaks?
    - I´ve been playing EVE from 2013, had a break dune to RL since 2017 till 2020.
     When I returned this year, I was first at PH, since July I am now in KOMER.
    10- Explain your employment history. (what did you do that was notable in those corps!! wars? fights? explain)
    - „Stromberg Erze GmbH“ was the first Corp I joined. It was a High Sec Corp at this point.
    - „The forgotten Soldiers“ was Corp with a WH which was a cool new thing for me. Later the Corp joined the Alliance „Most Usual Suspects“ which were based in Low Sec. Here was the first time that I was seriously involved in PvP. Unfortunately the PvP part was declining, so I   had to do some Solo PvP or join Specter fleet and Bombers Bar to get some group PVP, so I switched.
    - So SniggWaffe (WAFFLES.) was a revelation for me. Really cool fights in Providence and around. Because of things in RL, I had to stop playing EvE.
    - After view years of absence I looked back in the Game and joined “Die Woge des Wahnsinns” they were part of “Shadow Cartel”. However, I didn't get back to the game because of RL.
    - This Year things in RL changed for me, and I had more time (thank you home office !). So I joined Pandemic Horde, simply because it was an easy/fast way for me to get in touch with PVP. Also, I was not sure if I still like the Game. It kicked me so hard back to game as never before.
    - There I could see, how NC. is doing things and I what to be part of it! So I joined “Das zweite Konglomerat“ [KOMER].
    11- Please list your assets: (ISK, caps, super caps etc.)
    - 15bil Liquid atm, a super, several Caps and some other assets
    12- Are you self-sufficient? How?
    - Yeah, with Station- Trading and my setup for Level 5 Missions is ready. Or buy PLEX if it is necessary.
    Technical Questions:
    13- What capital ships (Dread, Carrier, FAX) can you fly and can you use T2 Triage or Siege? Do you have JDC 5? If applicable, please specify per character. If not please advise how long before this is possible.
    - Revelation (T2 Siege / JDC 5)
    - Thanatos, Archon, Aeon (JDC 5)
    - Apostle (T2 Triage / JDC 5)
    14- Do you fly or have flown a super cap? If not, do you aim to do so? Why, why not?
    - Fly a Aeon
    15- What are your Combat Competencies: (roams, BLOPs, bombers, caps, sub caps, fencing, hand to hand combat, Krav Maga)
    - I have several Competencies but I enjoy the most roams, BLOPs, bombers and sub caps on all scale. Besides, you never stop learning and there is always something new to learn which is really cool in EvE.
    16- What is your favorite PVP ship? How would you fit it (in detail please)?
    - Really like to roam around with view duds. From this roams comes my favorite ship the Kitsune.
    [Kitsune, none friend your Logi]
    Signal Amplifier II
    Signal Distortion Amplifier II
    5MN Microwarpdrive II
    Gravimetric ECM II
    Ladar ECM II
    Magnetometric ECM II
    Radar ECM II
    Prototype Cloaking Device I
    Dual Light Beam Laser I,Sanshas Radio S
    Small Ionic Field Projector I
    Small Particle Dispersion Augmentor II
    #Make EWAR great again.
    17- Do you have Logistics Cruisers V? If not, why not and how far are you?
    - Yes
    18- Armor vs. Shield. If you had to pick one, which one do you prefer and why?
    - Armor is more versatile, as mid slots are open for application, tackle and at least propmods. Armor tanks are also more durable than shield, as armor ships tend to have stronger armor buffers.
    I also believe that more modules exist, that boost armor tanking than shield tanking.
    19- List one instance you would have to offline your plates while in fleet:
    - When the fleet going through a WH
    20- Orbit or Keep at range? Why and why not?
    - Orbit to avoid get caught by a „slingshot“
    21- Why do you stagger energy neutralizers?
    - To neutralize all the cap which recharged after the last energy neutralizer cycle. So energy neutralizes can constantly destroy cap from opponent.
    22- How does Transversal work?
    - Transversal is the speed at which an object moves perpendicular to you, its orbital velocity.
    - If two ships fly directly away or toward one another: transversal is 0.
    - If two ships orbit one another at the same speed in opposite directions transversal is at his maximum.
    23- You are pointed by a ship that is faster than you and seems to be using the keep at range command. How do you proceed with the engagement?
    - Burn as fast as possibel in the other direction, once he is trying to fix his range I do a 180° overheating Scram, if I have a Web I overheat it aswell and try catch him.
    24- Have you ever FC'ed? What type of fleets? War stories baby, hit me:
    - No, not really only take over some smaller fleets, now I'm a bit rusty. But I'm willing to get in touch with it.
    25- How good is your smack talk? Rate from 1 to 4, 4 being Tyson level:
    - Probably 2
    26- Please list other skillsets (industrial, logistics, spy, singing, graphic design, IT ninja, culinary expertise, forum troll, fashionista etc.):
    - My BBQ Skills are V, after years of training.
    Bonus Questions (Mandatory):
    A- You crash landed on an inhabited planet, your comms are broken, CCP decided to leave you there to fend for yourself and the wormhole collapsed. Name three things you would want/need/wish to have:
    - 1. Exotic dancers, Female only
    - 2. drinks
    - 3. Drinks and some food
    B- You find yourself in the depths of Finland in the middle of winter, naked in a sauna, drinking a few warm beers feeling really relaxed. You start talking to a beautiful blonde Scandinavian girl about your sore shoulders from playing internet spaceships all day. She tells you to lay down on the wooden slats to give you a back massage. Confused, drunk(ish), and past caring, you decide to agree, and lay down on your front. she straddles your lower back and starts to rub your shoulders. Groaning with comfort, horror strikes you as you notice your penis has fallen between the wooden slats, and you are starting to get an erection after feeling her pussy lips being pressed against your back. Whilst hoping that the wood is thick enough to hide your average erection from her boyfriend who is also in the sauna, you notice her boyfriend has started to suck your dick. She whispers in your ear, "let it happen...". What do you do?


    -My heart skips a beat, which seems like an eternity to me and an ice-cold shiver goes through my body.
    Then I take a closer look and relax noticeably, when I notice that the supposed friend is a woman with a short, fiery red hair.
    So I turn around, the beautiful blonde Scandinavian girl understands and now give me a "facial massage". I can smell her, she taste wonderful. While that happens, the other hot woman takes a seat on me, and she likes it! Which the whole Finnish village can hear very well now. The blonde woman is now moaning as well loudly and her body is trembling on my face, I want more and I push my tongue deeper into her.
    The moaning stops abruptly, I look past the blonde's bottom and notice the reason next to her back on which beads of sweat have formed. She stuck her tongue in the other woman's mouth.
    Which is great luck for Nituspar, who lives a few houses away. He couldn't hear anyone in the command channel anymore!



    C- Tell us something non-Eve related that you are interested in. It can be anything from sustainable automation, obscure programming languages, and dogging, all the way to football, fighting drunk on Tuesday nights, and snorting special K off male prostitute erections:
    - I like my job very much this takes a lot of my time. I also like to watch science movies.
    D- Teddy Roosevelt vs William Taft; pick one and explain your choice:
    - Neither of them tells me very much, only that Roosevelt is associated, with the construction of the Panama Canal, so I pick him.
    E- What is your favorite Taylor Swift song and why (details: when do you listen to it, how often, how does it make you feel)?
    - Blank Space, cause it makes me think of a bonus point.
    F- Name your favorite TV show or name a current TV show you are watching. Explain your choice:
    - True Detective Season 1, still can't believe I missed this. It's about two State Police detectives, and their pursuit of a serial killer. A Great plot and the dialogues are magniloquent!
  2. Hi all,

    my name is Philipp, 25 years old, live in Germany.


    1. Why do you want to leave your current alliance/corp and what do you expect from us?

    Currently I’m a member of Pandemic Horde (Corporation: A Blessed Bean). I joined Horde since I had a break of EvE and I wanted first see if I still liked the game.

    So, I could see what and how NC doing things and I want to be a part of it :)


    2. How many times do you play each week on average and what is your most active time zone?

    About 5-6 times a week, EU TZ.


    3. Please link your killboard statistics showing the activity of your main pvp-character.

    Bellatrix Aurilen: https://zkillboard.com/character/93814574/


    4. Please list your alts including killboard links und explain the role of your alts.

    Holly Aivo (Cap Pilot): https://zkillboard.com/character/93709019/


    5. What capital ships can you fly? Can you use T1 triage or siege and do you have Jump Drive Callibration on level 5? How long will you need to skill for it?


    Drive Callibration is on 5, I can you use both triage and siege.

    Can fly: Revelation, Archon, Aeon, Apostle and Rorqual.


    6. Please indicate the most important points in your EVE history.

    I think the most important point is that I leave High Sec^^

    But seriously the time at WAFFLES, learned a lot from these dudes.


    7. What are your goals in EVE and how can we help you?

    My goal in EvE is a own Titan and the use of it in a epic PVP battle.


    8. How long have you been playing EVE and have you had longer breaks?

    I´ve been playing EVE from 2013 but had a break dune to RL since 2017 till 2020.

    I played a month in 2018, but that doesn't really count as active playing.


    9. How do you make your ISK and how big is your financial buffer?

    The most of my ISK are made by Station Trading in Jita.

    Buffer: Billions


    10. Are you able to communicate in English and follow others in English?

    Is not a Problem, was already needed in previous Corporations, where I was a member.


    Best regards


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