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  1. Background and Fit Questions:
    1- Please list your Main Character and its SPs: (use https://eveskillboard.com pls)
    2- Please list ALL of your alts, their respective SPs/skill overview, and the killboard links for these characters with an explanation of the role of each alt. Use https://eveskillboard.com
    https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Lloyd_Augorson (cyno, hunter, links, tackle [dictor, hic])
    https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Neloth_Anthar (cyno, hunter, tackle [dictor, hic])
    https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Callahan_Moussou (amarr titan, i stopped training and mothballed it but have the injectors to complete..)
    have some other stuff like jita alts, locator agents, disposable hunter/scout etc. not worth posting here.
    3- Why do you want to join TAYLR?
    In 7 years of eve I've never lived in null, and with the war going on I thought this would be a good time to blob up and see whats it's all about.
    4- Which corp/alliance are you currently in? Why do you want to leave? Why do you think NC or TAYLR will be any different?
    I'm in a strong, independent One Man. corp, reason for leaving is in the previous answer.
    5- Have you ever held a leadership position in a corp? (Explain in detail, position, job, when and why)
    6- Who are your referrals within TAYLR or Alliance?
    zoon muidac, friend from back in shadow cartel
    7- What time zone(s) do you play and how many days/hours a week do you / can you spend in EVE?
    Ustz, but usually on around peak eutz onwards. Usually on every day.
    8- What are your personal goals or interests in EVE?
    I am a hunter at heart; I mainly hunt capitals, the occasional blops bs and super.
    9- How long have you played EVE? Any Long breaks?
    7 years, no breaks.
    10- Explain your employment history. (what did you do that was notable in those corps!! wars? fights? explain)
    Started off in Amarr militia where I learned solo pvp, then I join an amarr mil corp [Calibrated Chaos] this was my first real corp and where I got my first exposure of fleet pvp. We then joined Dead Terrorists, one of the big lowsec alliances at the time. Corp eventually died off so I joined another corp within DT. We fought alongside shadow cartel against snuff. DT alliance leader and main fc quit eve and alliance never quite recovered from it, leadership became inactive, content dried off and eventually I left and joined VOID in shadow cartel. VOID left SC but I decided to stay in alliance and joined the executor corp, Immortalis. Rinse and repeat, alliance leader left, leadership never quite filled the void and eventually alliance died. I joined Adversity in Snuff, a few weeks later alliance closed doors (why does this keep happening to me ?). I stayed with advrse and we had some fun in horde space doing small gang stuff. We got bored after a while so we joined Dock Workers. You can guess by now what happened next. So then I just made my own corp to focus on solo hunting and doing my own stuff.
    11- Please list your assets: (ISK, caps, super caps etc.)
    Got about 40b liquid at the moment, own a wyvern, levi and a revenant.
    12- Are you self-sufficient? How?
    level 5 missions
    Technical Questions:
    13- What capital ships (Dread, Carrier, FAX) can you fly and can you use T1 Triage or Siege? Do you have JDC 5? If applicable, please specify per character. If not please advise how long before this is possible.
    My main can do everything. I have 2 maxed dread/fax alts.
    14- Do you fly or have flown a super cap? If not, do you aim to do so? Why, why not?
    yes, i use hyper supers and titans regularly.
    15- What are your Combat Competencies: (roams, BLOPs, bombers, caps, sub caps, fencing, hand to hand combat, Krav Maga)
    I enjoy all forms of pvp and consider myself competent at all of them.
    16- What is your favorite PVP ship? How would you fit it (in detail please)?
    A hunter stratios on a clean, disposable character because people are over-reliant on zkill to tell them who's trouble and who's not. As for an actual ship to use on my main, dont have one. Entirely dependent on the situation.
    17- Do you have Logistics Cruisers V? If not, why not and how far are you?
    18- Armor vs. Shield. If you had to pick one, which one do you prefer and why?
    Shield. Speed and agility are paramount.
    19- List one instance you would have to offline your plates while in fleet:
    Jumping a wh, taking a blops bridge with a cruiser.
    20- Orbit or Keep at range? Why and why not?
    Keep at range is better when anchoring because you want to be aligned the same direction as the anchor in case they fleet warp you. Orbit is good when multiboxing a ceptor or other small, fast ships. Manual piloting is superior in most situations if you can afford to divert some of your focus to doing it properly.
    21- Why do you stagger energy neutralizers?
    To decrease the breathing window for someone using a cap booster right after your neut hits.
    22- How does Transversal work?
    Transversal speed is a factor in turret application. You want to minimize it if your turret size is greater than the enemy's, and vice-versa.
    23- You are pointed by a ship that is faster than you and seems to be using the keep at range command. How do you proceed with the engagement?
    If I'm trying to escape, I burn at them and pull a 180 once I see them flying away from me. If I'm trying to catch them, I do the opposite.
    24- Have you ever FC'ed? What type of fleets? War stories baby, hit me:
    I've FCd gank fleets. Blops, caps, [hyper]supers. But only in situations where the fight is effectively over once we enter local i.e bait some caps and drop the hammer on them, evac before they have a chance to prepare a counter.
    25- How good is your smack talk? Rate from 1 to 4, 4 being Tyson level:
    i dont do the local pvp, sorry (
    26- Please list other skillsets (industrial, logistics, spy, singing, graphic design, IT ninja, culinary expertise, forum troll, fashionista etc.):
    one trick pony
    Bonus Questions (Mandatory):
    A- You crash landed on an inhabited planet, your comms are broken, CCP decided to leave you there to fend for yourself and the wormhole collapsed. Name three things you would want/need/wish to have:
    Easy, a yeet filament.
    B- You find yourself in the depths of Finland in the middle of winter, naked in a sauna, drinking a few warm beers feeling really relaxed. You start talking to a beautiful blonde Scandinavian girl about your sore shoulders from playing internet spaceships all day. She tells you to lay down on the wooden slats to give you a back massage. Confused, drunk(ish), and past caring, you decide to agree, and lay down on your front. she straddles your lower back and starts to rub your shoulders. Groaning with comfort, horror strikes you as you notice your penis has fallen between the wooden slats, and you are starting to get an erection after feeling her pussy lips being pressed against your back. Whilst hoping that the wood is thick enough to hide your average erection from her boyfriend who is also in the sauna, you notice her boyfriend has started to suck your dick. She whispers in your ear, "let it happen...". What do you do?
    It cancels out so its ok
    C- Tell us something non-Eve related that you are interested in. It can be anything from sustainable automation, obscure programming languages, and dogging, all the way to football, fighting drunk on Tuesday nights, and snorting special K off male prostitute erections:
    Im an accountant, thats the most exciting thing outside of eve that i do.
    D- Teddy Roosevelt vs William Taft; pick one and explain your choice:
    no i dont know american history, but Roosevelt is more recognizable so ill pick that one.
    E- What is your favorite Taylor Swift song and why (details: when do you listen to it, how often, how does it make you feel)?
    do i get extra points if i say blank space? [ i dont really listen to tswift srry]
    F- Name your favorite TV show or name a current TV show you are watching. Explain your choice:

    Not watching any at the moment, but my favourite is Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul. Big fan of the crime drama genre, and these two do it just right.

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