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  1. Dread Tier list back when I last played for me was High angle Rev at the time for the memes, shit was fun as hell With Moros coming in at a close 2nd, followed by the Nag and then lastly the Phoenix because at the time it was pretty much limited to stations and stationary shit. Getting back in a dread wont be an issue at all if it's something that'll help out the crew. 

  2. 1.Single most important question… How tall are you?: Like 5'6" fuckin Oompa Loompa from Charlie and the chocolate factory.

    2. Which criterion member invited you to join us so we know who to kick if you’re a mouthbreather? How long have you known them in a scale of years?: Was invited by NCC 1701E, known him for 12 years.


    3. Beer, blunts, or booty?: All of the Above


    4. What’s your favorite number between 68 and 421?: 420



         (close the browser, take your bot to Frat. )))) )


    4. ASL! (nudes help too) (if you’re too young to get this, apply to Bob’s corp. If you’re too old to get this, apply to DICE): I'm 32, Male, and live in Rhode island USA.

    5. List all your characters, private message @NCC 1701E or @Jesus Rambo any titan/super alts

    Ight you’re doing well but now it’s time for big thonk questions

    5. How many hours you put into eve a week, and what timezone do you play in?: I play in the EST timezone, and I usually put about 15-25 hours a week into eve

    6. List all the caps you can fly (and which alt flies them): I fly no cap ships atm, flown an Aeon, archon and Revelation in the past. Can reinject if need be.


    7. Are you a hardcore IMMA GO FIND CONTENT CUS IM FUCKING ON or are you a FUCK YEAH PUBG TILL I SEE A PING!? (honestly both are fine just wanna know): Definitely 50/50 when it comes to this in all honesty

    8. Select the following that best applies to you (one choice only): "A"
    A : I literally breathe penis, my keyboard has two buttons F1 and F (to pay respects)
    B : I like having my dick sucked by the bois because i fly logi baby
    C : I have never seen a penis because I was busy tackling something for the bois
    D : I really like mining it soothes my smooth brain and helps build ships for the fleets
    E : My wild RL insecurities make me FC constantly to make up for my lack of self esteem

    9. So tell us how did ya get started in eve? What have you done? Have you a cool story bro? What glorious fights/kills you been involved in?: Started playing back in 2006 when I was a little shit because I heard some guys in my battlefield 2 clan talking about it, got me hooked on the game. probably around 2009-2010 I ended up joining an alliance called meatsausage express which consisted of mostly decon pirates and we branched out into high sec shit in search of content. Long time ago but lots of shit went down, memes were had, and tears extracted, took lots of breaks afterwards though.


    10. So why does your current corp suck so much you are leaving?: Literally inactive as shit and all they do is shoot space treehouses.


    11. Where does your isk come from grinding? Or mommas credit card? Are you a constant poor shittier?: I swipe but usually just because i'm working so much irl its the only way I can reliably fund my pvp and pvp for my friends.

    We could ask what other games you play but honestly you will prolly just list the current meta of garbage so here is a list of what we play (this isn't a question really more just an fyi of what we get into) Escape from Tarkov, LoL, DoTa, WoWS, War Thunder, Avorion, Sup Comm 2, Sins,CoH, SE, pubg, B-LANDS 3 and lots more shit tier steam games: Play stellaris, some gw2, rust and Witcher 3


    12. What is your favorite class of ships to fly and why?: Love battleships and smaller, the engagements are always diverse and intense.


    13. Link your favorite kill and tell us why: https://zkillboard.com/kill/3079157/ I was still a pretty big shitter at this point, but this guy undocked that I had can flipped, guy comes out in a hyperion talking insane shit in local chat, starts screaming halfway through the fight that his game is bugged and his modules were removed from the game when what actually happened was he hopped into a recently unpacked Hyperion stripped completely with only hornets in it, dude went fucking ballistic lol.


    14. Link your worst loss and tell us da fuck happened: https://zkillboard.com/kill/1076805/ I made the same fuckin mistake as the guy I was just making fun of in the question above

    15. What’s your favorite capital ship, If you do not fly capital ships please explain why you are   not interested in them. PS Brave is recruiting.: Favorite capital is the revelation, low micromanagment, easy as shit to fly. Capital ships to me are just really sluggish and although important, difficult for me to fly due to honestly a lack of experience using them. I've trained up and owned quite a few, even a supercap, but had such little experience I figured it was better I not risk losing such a high value ship with my lack of understanding at the time.


    16. Let’s say you are flying your last ship and you have no isk, if it dies you will have to go back   to the grind/mommas wallet, you manage to tackle a faction BS ratting or something autistic the fleet that is coming to kill it is in warp and will land in 25 seconds, he can kill you in 15 seconds…. Wut do?: I stay the fuck on the target because tears are worth the sacrifice. 


    17. In an EFT format please link a properly fit Devoter: 

    [Devoter, Devoter fit]

    Imperial Navy 1600mm Steel Plates
    Medium Ancillary Armor Repairer
    Medium Armor Repairer II
    EM Armor Hardener II
    Explosive Armor Hardener II
    Kinetic Armor Hardener II
    Thermal Armor Hardener II

    Cap Recharger II
    Cap Recharger II
    Medium F-RX Compact Capacitor Booster, Navy Cap Booster 400

    Warp Disruption Field Generator II
    Warp Disruption Field Generator II
    Corpum B-Type Medium Energy Nosferatu
    Corpum B-Type Medium Energy Nosferatu
    [Empty High slot]
    [Empty High slot]

    Medium Thermal Armor Reinforcer II
    Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump II

    Hornet EC-300 x5
    Warrior SW-300 x5

    Navy Cap Booster 400 x27
    Nanite Repair Paste x1000


    18. In an EFT format please link a properly fit Moros: 

    [Moros, Moros]
    Damage Control II
    Multispectrum Energized Membrane II
    Multispectrum Energized Membrane II
    Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
    Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
    25000mm Steel Plates I
    25000mm Steel Plates I
    25000mm Steel Plates I

    Heavy Capacitor Booster II
    Heavy Capacitor Booster II
    Tracking Computer II
    Tracking Computer II

    Ion Siege Blaster I
    Ion Siege Blaster I
    Ion Siege Blaster I
    Siege Module II
    Heavy Energy Neutralizer II

    Capital Trimark Armor Pump I
    Capital Trimark Armor Pump I
    Capital Trimark Armor Pump I

    Shadow Antimatter Charge XL x600
    Optimal Range Script x2
    Tracking Speed Script x2
    Antimatter Charge XL x1000
    Cap Booster 3200 x18
    Iron Charge XL x600
    Thorium Charge XL x600
    Tungsten Charge XL x600


    19. In an EFT format (if you haven’t figured that out by now close browser) link a properly fit Enforcer: Neck yourself


    20. Why would you put up with all this bullshit if you were not a spy? Honestly you are prolly a spy go join one of the trash corps in NSH not ours kthxbye. If you are a spy and still wish to apply please list who you are spying for below.: I'm NCC's father, JSkudd's Uncle, and we've been grooming NCC since he watched lazytown, why else would he have become obsessed with piracy?!. Also my sack is old and wrinkly if proof is needed.

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