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  1. 1- Please list your Main Character and its SPs: (use https://eveskillboard.com pls) 
    TCHAT TAKAO 121077956 SP

    2- Please list ALL of your alts, their respective SPs/skill overview, and the killboard links for these characters with an explanation of the role of each alt. Use https://eveskillboard.

    https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/MITSUKI_TAKAO pi capital and research,refining

    https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/KANA_TAKAO market pi

    https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/WAWAWATERBOY_BOUCHE mining ratting buddy #1 pi
    https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/VICKI_VALLENCORT PI
    https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/SOME_DUDE_HEYYOU PI
    https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/RED_BODINE MINER RATTING BUDDY #2 PI
    https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/FARNER_FRAN BP MONKEY
    https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/MOMMA_SAID NOTHING AT THE MOMENT
    3- Why do you want to join TAYLR?
    i'm looking for a new home with like minded players indy ratting fighting. i've been at the war front enough to know i'd rather be flying with NC and TAYLR.
    I had the chance to fly with you guys during a move op and was impressed at the speed and willingness of people online to show up and help cover a super and
    dread move to t5z.i think i can be a steady asset to TAYLR and NC i dont complain i play too much and have a willingness to do what is asked as long as its in my
    skill set or i can train to it.

    4- Which corp/alliance are you currently in? Why do you want to leave? Why do you think NC or TAYLR will be any different?
    Savannah Logistics/Brave Collective.why i wish to leave comes down to my current corp is 100% indy. if they log on    
    online numbers are too few to maintain a sense of identity or community with them. they are not into fighting and the war has
    caused significant problems.as for brave it was simple logistics due to proxcimity to vindictive space.simple vote and to brave we went.
    im not leaving on bad terms and do not have any animosity towards either one. judging by players online TAYLR is already a head of my current situation.

    5- Have you ever held a leadership position in a corp? (Explain in detail, position, job, when and why)
    yes mining director, recruiting director, logistics director, market director, diplo, industry director, ceo all at the same time. 
    the when a few months after i joined savlo  why, founder and ceo left due to personal reasons and i found out when i logged on he dropped it on me.
    so after getting hold of him i told him i'd keep it running till he got back.put the ledger in the black made sure everyone was paid and handed it back 
    to him when he came back on a year or so later.

    6- Who are your referrals within TAYLR or Alliance?

    7- What time zone(s) do you play and how many days/hours a week do you / can you spend in EVE?

     est time zone according to the wife too much time on eve but hey at least im not whoring around and drunk. on pretty much everyday unless something comes up.
    4 to 6 hours a day after work or sht to do around the house.

    8- What are your personal goals or interests in EVE?
    have fun shoot rocks shoot ships i dont play it like a spread sheet.

    9- How long have you played EVE? Any Long breaks?

     3 years no breaks 

    10- Explain your employment history. (what did you do that was notable in those corps!! wars? fights? explain)
    1st corp i showed up not sure about the rest, i put that time in learning how not to win in eve and getting a feel for the game. joined savlo 
     kept them alive and growing until founder came back.left savlo for a bit after he left again handed it over to someone i trusted and came back later as 
    a non officer help everyone out when i can role.

    11- Please list your assets: (ISK, caps, super caps etc.)

     17+ billion isk liquid possibly 14+ in assest saftey no caps sold them lack of use in current corp and never used out in war front sat on thether alot.
     assorted ships in high sec nothing special tengu gila mission runners. looking to replace caps when i find a new home. and equip other 2 accounts with dreads 
     and or faxes depends on whats needed.

    12- Are you self-sufficient? How?
    pretty much. ratting, mining, alot of pi. and if that fails credit card.



    Technical Questions:

    13- What capital ships (Dread, Carrier, FAX) can you fly and can you use T2 Triage or Siege? Do you have JDC 5? If applicable, please specify per character. If not please advise how long before this is possible.
    TCHAR TAKAO can currently fly minmatar carriers, caldari dread and use them. t1 siege t1 fighter t2 ammo.lif so so, nag no guns, moros no guns revelation with guns few days
    can train to what is needed my skill set is flexible to whats required.same with other accounts.time to train on main is lvl 5 only on seige no triage but can pop it in.

    14- Do you fly or have flown a super cap? If not, do you aim to do so? Why, why not?
    i do not currently fly a super cap i have flown one but not under combat conditions. i do not for see using one unless i need to. i don't rat with a
    super or standard carrier i have with a nid but have more fun using a nightmare with two ishstars parked beside it on assit with sentry drones.
    if a carrier is needed i have no problems with using one for combat just need to work on skills using it. didn't have much time to practice before immenesea folded
    i am currently finishing jdc 5 now and the other accounts are training up to it as well. i got the hint when helping copeland move his caps.NC FC mentioned i should get right on it.

    15- What are your Combat Competencies: (roams, BLOPs, bombers, caps, sub caps, fencing, hand to hand combat, Krav Maga)
    some roams. since the war alot of subcap fleets, some xwing fleets, no cap fights always happen when im at work. i am proficient in small arms and heavy machine guns
    and armored fighting vehicles. extensive training in anti tank missles. if it comes to hand to hand all the above means i fcked up somewhere.but am willing to pick up an
    entrenching tool when required. used shovel in case others did not know what an e tool is. makes a great porta potty as well as long as you balance and take a dump at the same time

    16- What is your favorite PVP ship? How would you fit it (in detail please)?
    so far macharial 
    High power
    1x Gistum A-Type Medium Remote Shield Booster
    7x 800mm Repeating Cannon II
    Medium power
    1x Pith X-Type X-Large Shield Booster
    1x 500MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
    1x Dark Blood Warp Disruptor
    1x Federation Navy Stasis Webifier
    1x Heavy F-RX Compact Capacitor Booster
    1x Multispectrum Shield Hardener II
    Low power
    3x Gyrostabilizer II
    1x Tracking Enhancer II
    2x Nanofiber Internal Structure II
    Rig Slot
    1x Large EM Shield Reinforcer II
    1x Large Projectile Metastasis Adjuster I
    1x Large Processor Overclocking Unit I
    5x Warrior II
    5x Hornet II
    5x Acolyte II

    17- Do you have Logistics Cruisers V? If not, why not and how far are you?

     no all races lvl 4 was never called on for logi . 29 days after jdc5 with main possibly less have some sp's i'd like to extract.

    18- Armor vs. Shield. If you had to pick one, which one do you prefer and why?
    shield mostly.started with minmatar just habit. not unfamiliar with armor tank due to marauders

    19- List one instance you would have to offline your plates while in fleet:
    titan bridge to lessen fuel used, black ops bridge or going through wh's to reduce mass

    20- Orbit or Keep at range? Why and why not?
    orbit for transversal for tracking against larger ships, keep at range for shooting someone who doesnt know what transversal is.

    21- Why do you stagger energy neutralizers?
     It could be better in a situation where the enemy cap recharge is quit decent and you can break it with time (instead of overwhealming power) 
    If you would not stagger them in that scenario, the natural cap recharge would compensate for the drainage while you wait for your neuts to cycle.

    22- How does Transversal work?

     by orbiting another ship it creates tracking issues and It maximizes the survival chance of a tackle. Or minimizes the chance of hitting due to tracking

    23- You are pointed by a ship that is faster than you and seems to be using the keep at range command. How do you proceed with the engagement?
    approach the ship and shoot because he has no transversal easier to hit. reverse direction to get other ship to turn around and reapproach to get range before they reverse course.


    24- Have you ever FC'ed? What type of fleets? War stories baby, hit me:

     nope but i did survive while in a progodlegend fleet twice. make that three did one last night. my luck is running out

    25- How good is your smack talk? Rate from 1 to 4, 4 being Tyson level:

     2 unless vulgar language is ok then a decent 3 in fleet i keep my mouth shut and listen to commands.

    26- Please list other skillsets (industrial, logistics, spy, singing, graphic design, IT ninja, culinary expertise, forum troll, fashionista etc.):
    indy. not much into it anymore but if someone needs extra runs my production slots on cap indy toons area avail. will pretty much help any way i can.
    i lead pretty uneventful existence have a family go to work.


    Bonus Questions (Mandatory):

    A- You crash landed on an inhabited planet, your comms are broken, CCP decided to leave you there to fend for yourself and the wormhole collapsed. Name three things you would want/need/wish to have:
    are we talking planet of the apes inhabited or human inhabited, either way. 1 guard issue lasgun power packs recharge themselves,1 solar powered awd i'e pitch black grade rover.and 1 old hustler mag if its planet of the apes
    if were talking humans a ton of copenhagen original not the pepermint shit because i like it. if were talking planet of the apes bananas lots of them

    B- You  find yourself in the depths of Finland in the middle of winter, naked in a sauna, drinking a few warm beers feeling really relaxed. You start talking to a beautiful blonde Scandinavian girl about your sore shoulders from playing internet spaceships all day. She tells you to lay down on the wooden slats to give you a back massage. Confused, drunk(ish), and past caring, you decide to agree, and lay down on your front. she straddles your lower back and starts to rub your shoulders. Groaning with comfort, horror strikes you as you notice your penis has fallen between the wooden slats, and you are starting to get an erection after feeling her pussy lips being pressed against your back. Whilst hoping that the wood is thick enough to hide your average erection from her boyfriend who is also in the sauna, you notice her boyfriend has started  to suck your dick. She whispers in your ear, "let it happen...". What do you do?

     i wake up i don't live in finland and i quit drinking so sht like that doesn't happen.but hey to each their own.

    C- Tell us something non-Eve related that you are interested in. It can be anything from sustainable automation, obscure programming languages, and dogging, all the way to football, fighting drunk on Tuesday nights, and snorting special K off male prostitute erections:
    not much do a bit of fishing now and then.and read alot.

    D- Teddy Roosevelt vs William Taft; pick one and explain your choice:

     tough decision both were fat and had killer moustaches, im going with roosevelt seemed more down to earth.

    E- What is your favorite Taylor Swift song and why (details: when do you listen to it, how often, how does it make you feel)?
    im gonna go with shake it off catchy tune and excellant video.whenever it comes on radio etc. like a dirty old man wanting to do things to her 

    F- Name your favorite TV show or name a current TV show you are watching.  Explain your choice:
    dont watch tv anymore, but when i did typical nerd show babylon 5 i'd say was favorite.

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