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  1. Yet another low-energy INIT spy alt that managed to infiltrate our alliance. How and why we are letting these new corps disregard all sense of standards and logic in the recruiting process blows my mind.

    There were ZERO PVP’ers in Darkness, and most of their mean trash joined INIT, and yet here we see a clear ratting alt with multiple MTU and mining ship losses somehow.

    What in the hell does “properly vetted” even mean @Heros Aureus? I’m one of the one that pushed to get your Corp into our alliance, and now here you are pissing on my leg while I’m away on a Sabbatical. There is zero context or story here, you simply let an INIT alt into our alliance. If you don’t handle this, then I will.

    Im gonna go pop some painkillers and hit the gym now for some light cardio before my body cannibalizes itself in outrage. .PACK better get it together or they can .PACK it up and head to Horde where their contributions might fit in more. Bullshit.

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  2. -420

    This guy is a toxic alliance-hopper and already banned from Triumvirate, a very strong and storied ally of ours.

    Letting Jericho StormCloud into NC. would be a mistake. Also please stop Uranium mining in Goliad County, it’s destroying the water supply!

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  3. 15 hours ago, Haha Doodskop said:
    1. 4- Which corp/alliance are you currently in? Why do you want to leave? Why do you think NC or TAYLR will be any different?
    2. Horde Armada, the reason i stepped down as a Director and leave Horde is that I cant find myself in the way horde has
    3. become and the way Horde is going, it has a real crab only and i dont give a fuck anymore internal additude. Way different
    4. as i have seen so far in TAYLR.

    how do you feel about the current plan to feed fleets to Goons daily in Venal??

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