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  1. https://zkillboard.com/kill/79833232/

    Moving Cyno for Move Op,  had to move to help get new corp a few ships from NSI per Bob.

    CCP_KenZoku: 0200 MOVE OP IS UP on Bob Fleet 3. This is a COMPLETE restage. Everything in HB- & SF- is moving forward. If you already moved, please join us in fleet for a half hour or so. Sent By: Brothuhbob @everyone


  2. https://zkillboard.com/kill/79674179/

    FC: Nitus

    (10:49:39 AM) sphere: Nituspar [nc]: 15.50 up on Ajax33 max dudes let's go!
    (10:49:52 AM) sphere: Nituspar [nc]: Fleet 1 comms, round 4 incoming!
    (10:55:07 AM) sphere: Nituspar [nc]: more dudes let's go, EUTZ friendly op here and a brawl on the horizon if we unfuck our numbers!


  3. So I guess you're vouching him @Dread Charlie?  If/when he is ceo booshed in,  whos gonna vouch all his afk corpmates into the alliance?  There are only 3 toons in Dec and Jan with over 10 kills.  In a region where stuff has been popping off pretty regularly the past few weeks he and his corp seem pretty inactive, while his alliance is doing stuff.    i get the whole want to play with friends thing,  but I honestly can't fathom what this guy and his corpmates would add to this alliance with their current activity level.